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KBM Resources Group delivers advanced aerial survey data capture and integration.Aerial Survey & Geomatics Division

We own and operate dedicated long-range aircraft outfitted with LiDAR, high-resolution mapping cameras, and positioning and data storage equipment. Direct control over aircraft and crew ensures that KBM is ready to respond on short notice. We operate on wheels, floats or skis and welcome remote logistics.

Our experienced pilots and operators have an impeccable safety record.


Data Collection

Digital Mapping Surveys

  • Advanced airborne LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)
  • Simultaneous collection of terrain data with imageryClick to enlarge LiDAR image
  • Digital camera systems, fully calibrated and equipped with forward motion compensation, capture sharp colour imagery from 50 to 3 cm resolution
  • Thermal imaging camera, configured for vertical mapping applications, captures continuous coverage from 3m to 25 cm resolution. Rapid response and near real time delivery of orthorectified thermal image mosaics.

Occular Surveys

Click to enlarge aerial photograph

  • Experienced pilots and observers
  • Short takeoff and landing-equipped aircraft for remote or low altitude surveys

GPS Field Surveys

  • GPS field data collection including Ground Control Point surveying as needed


ApplicationsClick to enlarge thermal imagery

  • Vegetation mapping
  • Forest biomass volume
  • Hydrological modelling
  • Reservoir and flood risk mapping
  • Shoreline analysis
  • Slope analysis and subsidence monitoring
  • Large area mapping
  • Corridor/route optimization
  • Power line mapping
  • Pipeline corridor monitoring
  • Mine site topographic modelling
  • Viewshed analysis
  • Emergency response


See our Geomatics page for a description of our aerial survey data processing and integration services.

 Aerial Survey & Geomatics brochure 

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