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Enviro-Span Modular Culvert System


Enviro-Span is a significant innovation in stream crossings. The permanent or temporary culvert system suitable for use over fish bearing or environmentally sensitive streams without disturbing the streambed.

Culvert System


  • light-weight and strong as steel
  • stackable for easy transport
  • span and wedge sections can be placed in multiple configurations
  • flexibility to be installed on deep organics
  • installed consistently within three hours



  • Patented, non-metallic, non-corrosive, non-leeching, and reusable
    permanent or temporary arch culvert system. 
  • Produced from liquid molding resin resulting in a durable non-metallic alternative to heavy metal culverts.
  • Available in span and elbow sections allowing for a precise following of the natural stream bed without additional disturbance.
  • Fininte Element Analysis confirmed per the following: the crown of the culvert is overlain by 0.91 m (3 ft.) of granular backfill and subject to a 307kN (69,000 lb) per axle load with tandem axle configuration (e.g. an L-150 off-highway logging truck).
  • Due to the lightweight material and innovative design, the bottomless culverts require less time, equipment, and manpower for environmentally friendly installations when compared to traditional stream and ditch crossing methods.

 Enviro-Span logo

Enviro-Span is manufactured by Trinity Industries.


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Enviro-Span brochure

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