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KBM Resources Group

Geomatics | KBM Resources Group

KBM Resources Group delivers advanced geomatics services from aerial data integration to analysis, modelling and customized mapping. We have over 20 years of remote sensing and GIS experience.

Our image analysis lab is equipped with high performance workstations operating the latest aerial data processing and GIS software. We have a team of certified photo interpreters. Projects are handled in-house from start to finish. Our attention to detail ensures consistent high quality products.

Data Analysis

Softcopy Photo Interpretation

  • LiDAR data processing, analysis and management
  • Stereo workstations for digital photogrammetry
  • Certified photo interpreters
  • Land cover classification/feature mapping including forest resource inventory

GIS Integration

  • Image backdrops for use with existing GIS layers
  • Automated or semi-automated image classificationClick to enlarge photograph with GIS overlay
  • Hydrological modelling

Digital Terrain Modelling

  • Softcopy analysis
  • High-density terrain surfaces from stereoscopic aerial photos
  • Contour generation
  • Cut/fill and precision volumetric modelling (roads, pits, stockpiles, etc.)
  • Base earth, surface, and spot elevation data
  • Image-derived point cloud generation (cost-effective alternative to LiDAR


  • Decision-support systems and scenario modelling software for water systems, forest management, mine sites, environmental impact modelling, and others


  • Orthorectified mosaics that are accurate, colour-balanced and seamlessClick to enlarge web delivery screenshot
  • Data-specific, custom generated maps - digital 3D and/or traditional 2D
  • Hardcopy and/or digital delivery
  • Customized geospatial data delivery via web
  • Optional ArcGIS server hosting


See our Aerial Survey page for a description of our data collection services.


Aerial Survey & Geomatics brochure

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