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KBM Resources Group

KBM History

KBM Resources Group (formerly KBM Forestry Consultants, Inc.) was founded in 1974 to provide a variety of forestry services to government and industry in Northwestern Ontario. The initial focus of the company was on the supply of mechanical site preparation and tree planting services, principally for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).Chile operations

Forest management in Ontario has changed considerably since those early days and KBM evolved with it. The company developed a strong forestry consulting presence marked by a down-to-earth approach. One of the principal strategies was the formation of consulting teams that incorporate specialists from outside KBM, on an as-required basis. These specialists come from various agencies across Canada and collaborate frequently with KBM staff to meet the demands of our clients in Northwestern Ontario, across North America, and around the globe.

For example, KBM expanded its operation to Chile in the 1990’s and introduced in-bush chipping in 2001, revolutionizing Chile’s forestry industry. The Chilean division skyrocketed and was sold  to our Chilean partner in 2005.

As forest management grows in complexity, so too do our consultancy skills and innovative tools. Through partnerships including a long-standing affiliation with Lakehead University, KBM remained at the leading edge of several key technologies like GIS, computer modelling, and digital aerial photography. This expertise helped us become one of the most sought-after consultancy companies for projects like auditing, aerial photography and image analysis, GIS mapping, and forestry management certification standards consultancy.Utility site inspection

Today, KBM is quickly becoming a knowledge leader in bio-energy and biomass conversion systems as part of its ongoing business development activities and on behalf of its clients.

KBM remains the largest and one of the oldest forestry consultancy companies in Ontario, and has a deep understanding of the social, economic and environmental context of Northern Ontario. Many of those innovative skills and expertise are applicable outside of the forestry, and we’ve expanded to help service industries like mining, renewable energy, and construction and utilities. In 2011, KBM officially changed its name to “KBM Resources Group” to reflect our expanding focus.

The firm also houses a field services retail outlet, warehouse, and large-bay repair shop. KBM is the regional supplier for EnsSolutions’ Entac emulsified tall oil pitch and Juniper Systems' rugged handheld devices.

KBM most recently expanded its aerial survey business by acquiring an integrated airborne LiDAR and high-resolution imagery system. We are excited to offer this option to our clients in addition to our existing digital aerial photography services.LiDAR operator

Yes, KBM has changed over the years, but one thing has remained: our commitment to providing the fully-integrated support services our resource industry and government partners need.

KBM Resources Group operates throughout North America, primarily across Canada and the US Midwest, but has the tools and expertise to work almost anywhere in the world. The company is headquartered in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and has an office in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

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