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Community Consultation


Significant Water Crossings Along the Proposed Energy East Pipeline Route


The Energy East Task Force is a committee operating under the umbrella of Common Voice Northwest (CVNW), a group made up of representatives from municipalities, businesses, education, multicultural organizations, and other leaders from across Northwestern Ontario. In 2016, CVNW was accepted as an interested party to participate in the Energy East Pipeline Project, National Energy Board (NEB) hearings as an intervenor.


After putting out a call for proposals, CVNW hired KBM Resources Group out of Thunder Bay to collect local input from 13 communities along the pipeline route in Northwestern Ontario. The purpose of the meetings was to develop a regional definition of ‘significant water crossing’ and identify sensitive areas (e.g., important fisheries, species at risk, significant wetlands) and to share that with the National Energy Board. CVNW wants to make sure local voices have been heard and to ensure that the NEB knows where proper safety measures should be in place in case of pipeline failure, where critical values have been identified, should the NEB and Federal Cabinet approve the pipeline conversion.


The draft report and a comment template are available for download. KBM Resources Group will accept comments until May 22, 2017.

Please email with any comments or questions.

Please make sure to include page and line numbers to indicate which section of the report comments apply to.


Click here for cover letter (pdf).

Click here for draft report (pdf).

Click here for comment sheet (xls).

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